2015 Weddings Behind the Scenes

This has to be one of my favorite posts to write.  Weddings are so much more than what we show you.  There is a whole element of Behind the Scenes stuff that goes on.  Sometimes it’s simple things like dress fixing, veil removal, etc.  There is light testing, a whole lot of talking, and my favorite – dancing!  Oh and shenanigans.  Let’s not forget that!   With each wedding, I pull these images just for this blog post.  Here we go … the 2015 Weddings Behind the Scenes!  I still have a little bit of room left for 2016 – this could be you!

First up – “Wait, just stand there!”  You can totally tell that Holly LOVES these.  😉

BTS_Gough-1BTS_Gough-14BTS-2BTS-3BTS-4Humphries-2 copy

I look angry.


Sweet Jane. I adore her.

Jen & Matt-1

This is the wedding where I had pink eye.  😉  Or, “right red eye” as I was so lovingly diagnosed.

Jen & Matt-8K&C-4Mazur-4

2015 Bride, Britt, is also a videographer.

Meagan & Nick BTS-7Meagan & Nick BTS-11

Nicole second shot one for me this year too!

Meagan & Nick BTS-12MM-17MM-18MM-19MMP_8545-18

Freakin’ Adam.

MMP_9396-19Moore-2Moore-4Pilarski BTS-4

Next up, the hardcore work section.

Bazar-025BTS_Gough-9BTS_Gough-13Humphries-1 copyIMG_0057-2K&C-1K&C-5K&C-6K&C-7K&C-10

Bless Holly!  She’s an amazing light stand.


This is my, “get back as far as I can to get the full room” shot.


Nicole shot these.  :)

Meagan & Nick BTS-1Meagan & Nick BTS-3Meagan & Nick BTS-4Meagan & Nick BTS-5Meagan & Nick BTS-6MM-14MMP_7017-13MMP_7033-15Moore-3Pilarski BTS-1Szeles-1

There she is again!:)



Jen & Matt-6

Meagan & Nick BTS-9

I also talk a lot.

Humphries-3 copyIMG_1013-10

“You’re gonna make three cuts.”


“You have an eyelash.  Let’s make a wish.”

Mazur-2Mazur-3Meagan & Nick BTS-2

This is my “Pork Chop Arm” speech.


How about some love to our other vendor friends?


Jen & Matt-2Jen & Matt-3Jen & Matt-10K&C-8K&C-13K&C-14

Amy from Party Belles is THE BEST.


Karalee.  One of the best makeup artists around.


Adam of SoundFactor.


Then there was that time when my adorable husband was a guest at a wedding.  <3


And also Traci & Kurt … my first wedding ever in 2010.


Last but not least …. Shenanigans!

Annie & Joe PB-1Annie & Joe PB-2Annie & Joe PB-3Annie & Joe PB-4Annie & Joe PB-6

Love this group!


I dance a lot.  Especially to “Let Me Clear My Throat.”  I also teach the Cupid Shuffle.


Love her.  Thank goodness she’s also my best friend.

Moore-1Moore-5Ostrelich-1052Szeles-6Szeles-8Tiedge-7 copy

2015 was a great, great year.  Here’s to an amazing 2016 (which officially kicks off in April.)

Special thanks again to my second shooters of 2015.  I love you girls.

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